Zakāt Al-Fitr Ramadan 2024

🍚 Zakāt Al-Fitr Ramadan 2024

🌾 Allah has prescribed for you the Sadaqah of Fitr that purifies the fasting people from vain speech and sins. Allah has obligated it upon the young, the old, male, female, the free and the slave. It is an obligatory charity of the body to help the poor and the destitute.

📕 Abu Sa’īd (رضي الله عنه) said: “We used to give four cupped handfuls (sā’) of grain or barley or dates or dried curds or raisins.” A sā’ is equivalent to 2.4 kg.

🌾 Al Ikhlaas Trust is collecting your Zakāt Al Fitr to distribute it among the needy.

🌙 Zakāt Al-Fitr per person
500 PKR 🇵🇰 £3 🇬🇧 $4 🇺🇸

Name: Al Ikhlaas Trust
Bank: Meezan Bank
Branch: GT Road, Morgah More, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
IBAN: PK07MEZN0008250103987805

Name: Salafi Bookstore & Islamic Centre
Bank: Lloyds Bank
Account Number: 00231260
Sort Code: 30-93-09
Branch: Erdington, Birmingham, UK.
Reference: Ikhlaas Fitr
Or follow this link to pay online:

✉️ Email:
📞 WhatsApp: +92 3554698261

🏢 Address: 1A, Bazar No. 4, Street No. 39, G 13-2, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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