Bookstore sign is up! Alhamdulillāh, and the entrances separated for women and men. Watch this video and share.

May Allah bless this project.

If you are in Pakistan, please visit our shop and offices: Ikhlaas Trust & Maktabah SalafiyyahBazar No. 4, Street No. 39, G 13-2, Islamabad. (Next to ‘Abdullah Supermarket’)

If you are in the United Kingdom, send your donation to the Salafi Bookstore, and they will pass it to Al-Ikhlaas Trust in Pakistan. Please make sure you add “Ikhlaas” as a reference to every donation intended for us. You can donate online at

Or donate by visiting the bookstore:
472 Coventry Road, Small Heath, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B10 0UG
Tel: 0121 773 0033 / 0121 773 0003

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