Eid al-Adha Rationpack Drive 2020

If you are in Pakistan, please visit our shop and offices: Ikhlaas Trust & Maktabah SalafiyyahBazar No. 4, Street No. 39, G 13-2, Islamabad. (Next to ‘Abdullah Supermarket’)

If you are in the United Kingdom, send your donation to the Salafi Bookstore, and they will pass it to Al-Ikhlaas Trust in Pakistan. Please make sure you add “Ikhlaas” as a reference to every donation intended for us. You can donate online at salafibookstore.com/ikhlaas

Or donate by visiting the bookstore:
472 Coventry Road, Small Heath, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B10 0UG
Tel: 0121 773 0033 / 0121 773 0003

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