The Islamabad Masjid will incorporate a school

July 2023:

Alhamdulillāh, the Masjid project is moving forward at pace, and we can see that the site has the capacity to incorporate a school [for girls & boys]. Another reason for you to donate [sadaqah jāriyah] and to consider hijrah to Islamabad. Please share.


  1. Assalammualaikum warahamatulahi wabarakatuh. Can you guide me to the link on the progress of the masjid and school, donation status i.e. target and how much has acheved. I am from Canada and i would like to send some donation through salafi bookstore UK

    • Wa-alaikumus-salām-wa-rahmatullāhi-wa-barakātuhu.

      The Masjid and school work is ongoing, alhamdulillāh — and we are still collecting funds for completion of work. We’d say, we are possibly just less than a year away from opening, inshā’-Allāh — may Allah make it easy.

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